Valparai is a slope station situated in the Coimbatore Area of Tamil Nadu. A contamination free superb land. Valparai is found 3,500 feet above ocean level on the Anamalai mountain go. Valparai isn’t only a residential community. It stands superbly with Green Spread Mountains and woods all around. Valparai imparts its limits to Anamalai Tiger Save, Parambikulam Tiger Hold, Eravikulam National Stop and Vazhachal backwoods division. Individuals are congenial and well disposed. This is a one of the spots that you shouldn’t miss in your life.

The one of a kind grass backwoods, Grass Slopes, is likewise situated close Valparai. The slope sports tall grass and houses elephants, pigs, cheetah and other wild creatures. Also, one can drive around the mountain tea homes getting a charge out of the lovely atmosphere and overlook the once thick timberland that have made ready for tea brambles